Judge Derrek Thomas Speaks to Tucker

Judge Derrek Thomas Speaks to Tucker

Onondaga County Court Judge Thomas addressed the congregants on Sunday, August 6th, at the 10:00 a.m. service, and stressed not only the importance of getting out to vote, but also the importance for children to see that they can achieve anything because people who look like them and are from where they are from have made those achievements to prove it.

The Honorable Judge Thomas stressed his need for our support in a special election this November in order to keep the bench he was appointed from Mayor Stephanie Minor for a new 10-year term. Tucker Missionary Baptist Church Head Pastor Decarto D. Draper Jr. allowed Judge Thomas as much time as he needed to articulate his needs, which coincide with voter registration services that Tucker Missionary Baptist Church have been providing in the church lobby on Sundays during the month of August and September.

Pastor Draper stressed that the freedoms that our ancestors fought for us to have are in jeopardy, and encouraged the saints that no matter what happens in any election – God is on the throne. Nevertheless, Pastor Draper pledged his contagious support for Judge Thomas.


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